Seavus Project Viewer

Seavus Project Viewer 2.8

Seavus Project Viewer can be used to visualize Microsoft Project files
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Seavus Project Viewer is fully functional, robust and high quality Viewer which has been specifically designed and developed with a consistent Microsoft® Project look and feel to insure that all Seavus Project Viewer's Users will have a minimal learning curve and an enriched User experience.
Seavus Project Viewer now provides users with the added ability to integrate project information and tasks directly into Microsoft® Excel & Outlook. Users are able to: • Export tasks from Seavus Project Viewer into Microsoft® Outlook. • Import tasks from Microsoft® Outlook into Seavus Project Viewer • Import content from Microsoft® Excel to Seavus Project Viewer plan.
Seavus Project Viewer:displays views, charts and tables as they appear within Microsoft® Project; shows tasks, milestones, resources allocation / usage-manage your project more effectively; Seavus Project Viewer's intuitive design and on-line help means little-to-no training is required; distributed in 5 languages - English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese; flexible deployment options make Seavus Project Viewer a truly global product; worldwide Customer Support available; optional Live Update technology enables automatic updating of Seavus Project Viewer and deep functionality and unsurpassed quality at an affordable price.

Seavus Project Viewer supports MS Project 98-2003.

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